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International strategy

The ITS Foundation assumes among its development lines an internationalization strategy that is expressed in the partnerships already activated and in teaching.

During the first edition of the ITS Course for Higher Technician for Sustainable Agro-food (2018-2019) the Foundation has experimented a collaboration with the Royal Agricultural University of Cirencester (UK) with the organization of a study stay lasting one week at the same structure attended by 16 pupils of the 17 attending students accompanied by an English language teacher from the lead school. The stay included classroom teaching with top international level teachers and laboratory teaching at Hub FARM 491, a prestigious business incubator in the United Kingdom. In order to support the start of the internationalization project, the Foundation fully paid for the cost of the stay and a language support course with a mother tongue teacher to supplement the English language module already included in the teaching plan and developed entirely in the language .

During the second edition of the ITS Course (2018-2020) due to the pandemic it was not possible to repeat the experience of the stay. Nonetheless, around 30 hours of distance training were ensured by the teachers of the same British University, in addition to 60 hours of general & business English teaching in English.

In the new active ITS courses, more than 200 hours of teaching in English are provided by the same teachers and it is the evaluation phase, if the emergency conditions allow it, to carry out a new stay abroad. In the meantime, new discussions have been opened with some Dutch universities.

The international scope of the Foundation was also expressed in the planning of the IFTS path, in the delivery phase, focused on the marketing and export of the agri-food product and created in collaboration with one of the main Italian export consortia.

The Foundation considers internationalization policies as tools for achieving significant developments in its mission and for improving interaction with its territory and at a European level.

It is of strategic importance for the ITS Foundation to strengthen and expand the network of both EU and non-EU partners, through participation in international mobility and international cooperation projects. The will is to present itself immediately as a training institution able to collaborate on a transnational level in the European Union, and potentially even outside it.

The goal of the ITS Foundation is to soon be able to access Erasmus + mobility programs for its students in the form of individual internships in foreign companies in the agri-food, innovation and sustainability sectors, thus facilitating their integration and professional growth. of his students.

The development of international mobility at the Foundation will be a gradual process with the aim of reaching 50% of participants within five years.

The main expectation related to participation in Erasmus + projects is to improve the employability of their students in Italy and in the EU, as well as to improve the quality of teaching, thanks to the exchange and interaction with other European institutions with a longer tradition , experience and expertise.


-      Mobility representative

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