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Higher Technician "manager of Agrozootechnical processes" - Responsible for productions and processing of early, agro-food and agro-industrial production


The course was born from the need expressed by numerous zootechnical entrepreneurs to include qualified managerial personnel within their companies for the management of farms, processing areas, points of sale. The course trains modern professional figures, in line with today's essential digital skills and the new 4.0 frontiers. The entire supply chain is studied in depth, from agronomic management to animal husbandry, from food processing to marketing processes and management of European funding. Thanks to international collaborations, there is no lack of comparison with the foreign world. Laboratories such as cheese making, butchery, pork butchery, bovine and swine fertilization, management of public funding, alternating with numerous educational visits and a teaching staff formed mainly by entrepreneurs in the sector, makes the course extremely practical and projected to work placement in the company, thanks also 500 hours of curricular internship to be carried out every year. The collaboration with the Catholic Universities of Piacenza and Cremona allows for targeted teaching of the highest prestige and academic supervision of the quality of the teaching plan.

Duration and articulation

The course is divided into two years for a total number of hours of 2,000 hours, of which:

• 1.000 hours of educational activities such as lectures, distance learning, exercises, business workshops and company visits;

• 1.000 hours of internship in national companies.

For each training year, teaching begins in October and is concentrated until April; the internship takes place in spring and summer.

Outgoing skills and career opportunities

The professional figure leaving the course of study will be able to manage in an integrated way a closed-cycle agro-zootechnical production system, effectively entering each phase of the company production cycle, from the campaign to the breeding, from the transformation to the marketing department and sale.

MACRO-COMPETENCES as a result of area 4.1 Agri-food system of annex D - area 4 new technologies for made in Italy, according to the provisions of the interministerial decree of 7 September 2011 (Annexes A, B, C, D, F) and by inter-ministerial decree of 5 February 2013 (Attachments E and G), declined within the ITS path ":

-        Propose technological solutions that introduce innovative and competitive product and process elements

-        Manage production and transformation processes within the specializations and peculiarities of "Made in Italy"

-        Manage production processes according to the principles of eco-compatibility and sustainability

-        Apply control systems on materials, processes and products for quality improvement

-        Perform and interpret analyzes on production and agro-food products

-        Apply EU, national and regional regulations on environmental protection and protection, quality and safety, import and export

-        Apply possible integrations between logistics platforms and marketing tools

-        Apply the methodologies for environmental and strategic impact assessments (EIA and SEA)

Didactic Plan

The didactic plan is divided into 4 training hinges that aim to develop the knowledge necessary for the management of a closed-cycle farm, starting from the agronomic aspects up to the enhancement and sale of the finished product

• in the agronomic field, knowledge of the main forage species, of agricultural production techniques functional to livestock farming in traditional, integrated and biological regimes, of the soil system in its complexity and related nutritional management, agricultural mechanization, wastewater enhancement, water management

• In the field of zootechnical breeding, knowledge of breeding techniques for bovine, swine, goat and sheep species. Management of fertilization processes, animal welfare, genetics, nutrition and architecture of farming systems. Knowledge of the methods of economic analysis of farming systems to evaluate their entrepreneurial sustainability.

• Food processing and enhancement of the product of zootechnical origin with courses in cheese making, slaughtering and pork butchery.

• English, subsidized finance, digital marketing, eCommerce principles, management of European contributions.

The training methods foresee a strong alternation of lectures, workshops, didactic visits, training seminars. The teaching staff is selected on the basis of their professional experience and for the most part comes from the world of agro-zootechnical entrepreneurship, ensuring a practical and concrete approach to the teaching system.

The professors of the course, in accordance with the DPCM 25/01/2008, for a minimum share of 50% come from the world of work and have specific professional experience gained in the production sector for at least 5 years.

They are registered in a special register of trainers held by the Foundation. Admission to the register is approved by the Scientific Technical Committee of the Foundation. The inclusion in the register and the maintenance of the registration is an indispensable requirement to be able to carry out educational-training activities organized by the ITS Foundation.

  UNIT   H
1st Year M17 HACCP 20
M17 Formazione dei lavoratori generale e specifica rischio alto 16
M01 Il Sistema Suolo 12
M01 Fertilità e Concimazione 18
M01 Colture Erbacee funzionali alla zootecnia 18
M08 Meccanizzazione Agricola (Abilitazione Utilizzo Macchine Agricole) 24
M02 Gestione e Management Zootecnico Bovino e Ovicaprino 15
M02 Alimentazione e Gestione Bovina e Ovicaprina 18
M10 Benessere Animale 14
M03 Sistemi di Allevamento Bovini e Ovicaprina 22
M09 Gestione sostenibile dei reflui Bovini 6
M04 Fecondazione Animale Artificiale - Bovini 90
M07 Sistemi Innovativi di allevamento 18
M12 Analisi qualità nei processi Lattiero Caseari 36
M06 Processi Trasformazione Lattiero Caseari 48
M13 Comunicazione di Settore Lattiero Caseario 6
M03 Sistemi di Mungitura e Gestione in Stalla 8
M05 Degustazione Formaggi 14
M11 Bandi e finanza agevolata 21
M15 Inglese I 100
M19 Stage I 500
  Mod Materia Ore
2nd Year M11 PAC 21
M10 Amministrazione 24
M07 Lavorazioni Agrarie 4.0 24
M09 Il sistema biologico in Agricoltura 18
M09 Fecondazione Animale Artificiale - Suini 20
M07 Gestione Idrica Sostenibile 12
M02 Gestione e Management Zootecnico Suino 15
M02 Piani di Alimentazione Suina 18
M03 Sistemi di Allevamento Suini 15
M09 Gestione sostenibile dei reflui suini 6
M15 Inglese II 100
M10 Benessere Animale 14
M06 Processi di lavorazione carne, norcineria e degustazione insaccati 48
M03 Sistemi di Macellazione 15
M07 Sistemi Innovativi di Macellazione e Norcineria 18
M05 Degustazione Insaccati 12
M13 Retail Marketing 12
M14 Social Media Management 24
M13 Vendita on Line 12
M18 Ciclo di incontri con imprenditori 24
M16 Soft Skills 24
M19 Stage II 500

Services for students

In order to support students' attendance, the following services are provided:

- Affiliated structures for reception and overnight stay

- Support of expert figures in human resources and job orienteering to place students during internships in training companies and of interest to students

- Bar and canteen service inside the course venue

Diploma, certifications and credits

The course allows you to acquire the Higher Technical Education Diploma in "MANAGER OF AGRO-ZOOTECHNICAL PROCESSES - SUPERIOR TECHNICIAN RESPONSIBLE FOR PRODUCTIONS AND PROCESSING OF FOOD, AGRO-FOOD AND AGRO-INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL SUPERIOR FOR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN THE AGRI-FOOD SYSTEM" on the basis of the national model, after passing the final verification tests of the skills acquired by the students who have attended the ITS course for at least 80% of its total duration.

The Diploma is included in the 5th EQF level and constitutes a title for access to public competitions and universities with the recognition of CFU, pursuant to art. 5, paragraph 7, of the Prime Minister's Decree of 25/01/2008.

To facilitate its circulation at national and European level, the Diploma will be accompanied by the Europass Diploma Supplement (annex 3 MIUR Decree - MLPS 7/9/2011), issued by the Headmaster of the Reference Institute - Institute of Higher Education "IS Pietro Antonio Strozzi ”of Palidano di Gonzaga (MN).

Pursuant to paragraph 52 of art. 1 of Law 107/2015, the ITS diploma is useful for the purpose of participating in state exams for the exercise of the profession of agrotechnician, surveyor, agricultural expert and industrial expert.

Upon completion of the course, the Foundation also issues the Patent of Practical Artificial Insemination Operator.

The voting system adopted by the ITS Foundation is based on a plurality of evaluation steps and tools that lead to admission or not to the final exam: evaluation of written tests delivered as part of the individual modules, internship evaluation form by the company , admission judgment to the second year and admission judgment to the final exam by the Course Director. In the final exam, the voting system is expressed in 100ths. In order to pass the final exam, the student must have achieved a score of not less than 60/100.


0721 Food processing


QF – EHEA: short cycle title

EQF: 5th level

Total ECTS credits: 120.

Access to the course

Access to the Course takes place after passing SELECTION TESTS. To participate in the selections it will be necessary to fill in a specific application and attach: curriculum vitae, diploma or replacement certificate, valid identity card. Following the successful completion of the selection tests, registration may be completed. The start of the course is subject to the achievement of at least n. 20 entries.

The course is open to a maximum of 25 participants.

The payment of a course fee is required.




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