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The ITS Sustainable Agri-food Foundation - Mantua Territory, established on 10 November 2017, is part of the national system of Higher Education, the non-university tertiary training segment that responds to the demand of companies for new and high technical and technological skills to promote processes of innovation. It represents an opportunity of absolute importance in the Italian training panorama as it is the expression of a new strategy based on the connection of education, training and work policies with industrial policies, with the aim of supporting interventions aimed at the productive sectors, with particular reference to the innovation and technology transfer needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. It currently has 26 members expressing the Mantuan and Eastern Lombardy agri-food system.

The Foundation has its registered office in Mantua at the "P.A. Strozzi "; didactic activities take place in Mantua at the premises of the school and the CCIAA as well as in Rodengo Saiano and in Bergamo at structures made available by the member Maddalena di Canossa-Accademia Symposium Foundation.

Since 2019 a strategic collaboration has been active with the Royal Agricultural University (UK) for distance study and teaching stays with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

In 2020, a partnership was also activated with the Mantova Export Consortium, one of the largest consortia for internationalization in Italy which associates about 240 SMEs and includes about twenty partners, organizations and large companies and develops seminars and training activities, export check -up and consulting interventions.

Since 2021, the Foundation has collaborated with the Territorial Laboratory for Employability of Mantua (LTO) both for orientation activities and for the organization of laboratory activities with digital technologies.


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